DP Ubitour

If you got this pageĀ  after scanning the 2d code in the Discovery Park Ubitour booklet, this means that your 2d code reader works and you are ready to go. Follow the rest of the instructions in the booklet or on the map handout.

The Discovery Park Ubitour is an visitor experience powered by mobile devices organized at Purdue University. Click the links below to visit each stop on this tour virtually. The tour is best experienced by visiting the campus locations described below and by scanning the 2d codes you find there to see the clips in a geographic context.


Download a copy of the Discovery Park Ubitour Brochure

Download a copy of the Discovery Park Ubitour Map

1 Ubitour

2 Ubitour

3 Ubitour

4 Ubitour

5 Ubitour

6 Ubitour

7 Ubitour

8 Ubitour

9 Ubitour

10 Ubitour

11 Ubitour

12 Ubitour

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