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Preliminary note:

>>Ubimark books can be enjoyed very well without this app. All you need to experience them is a 2d Code app, such as i-nigma (see or does not have a specific 2D code app. The ones already on the market are very good and we did not feel the need to reinvent the wheel.

>>Our iPhone app enhances your Ubimark experience and can replace the book entirely. Read on to see how.

What is the Ubimark iPhone app?

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Screenshot of Ubimark Application

The Ubimark Iphone App is a free iPhone/iTouch/iPad location aware client that connects WordPress posts to specific locations. It enables your phone to pick up information about your current location and its surroundings that  you or other people have blogged about.

It works with any WordPress blog using the GeoMashup and Ubimark plugins. It was specifically created to power this WordPress powered site,, which is one of the first location aware WordPress sites. Ubimark publishes location aware classic books and historical travel tours. As you travel, the Iphone retrieves information about that specific place collected from books and travelogues.

Our most recent projects are “Around the World in 80 Days.


Iphone owners

The application works like any other App. Look it up in the app store, download, make sure the app is pointed to the appropriate server, tap, enjoy. (To point the app to a specific server you need to navigage the the iPhone settings area, select Ubimark and then type in the root address of the blog, including any necessary folders. For example, the current blog is at

htt:// . Note the “in” folder path. The server you point the app to needs to be enabled to distribute location aware information. Look for the Ubimark/Location Aware Badge)!

Blog/CMS administrators

To enable your site to distribute information that is viewable through Ubimark you need to do four things:

Ubimark App Badge

Ubimark App Badge. Use the following code to make it appear on your site: <img src="" alt="Ubimark Location Aware App" />

1. Install GeoMashup through the WordPress automatic plugin tool
2. Request Ubimark through the contact form below and then by uploading it into the plugin installation interface.
3. Put a badge on your site announcing that the site is location aware.
4. Spread the word

How does the iPhone application work?

It automatically downloads information from our or any Ubimark/Geomashup enabled site. Information is spatially filtered. Only content that is relevant for your current geographic position is made available to you. As you travel, the information will be adjusted to fit your new location.

The application is map centric and relies on your GPS to retrieve information. You need to enable the GPS locator (see the iPhone settings) and to allow the app to access your location (a one time prompt will be given when you install the application).

Once the GPS locator determines where you are, the application downloads a map and the nearest locations. These appear on the map as pins (A list mode is also available, where the locations are listed in order of their proximity to your current position). When clicked, they spawn a callout box with a blue arrow in a circle. Click the arrow (not just the box) and you will offered more information about or content connected to that specific location. The information is typically delivered from Ubimark.

If you need help with the app feel free to contact us below.

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